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Volker Stevin Canada and our employees live, work and play in all the areas that we service across Alberta.

  • Camp Kindle is owned and operated by the Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta.
    • Volker Stevin has received Recognition for our In Kind Gifts supporting the Camp
    • For more information about: http://campkindle.ca
  • Olds College: Volker Stevin has Donated Equipment for training purposes and showing our support within our Industry.
  • SAIT: Scholarship for Civil Engineering Technical Program
  • Lethbridge College:  Scholarship for Civil Engineering Technical Program
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Calgary Distress Centre
  • Alcove Addiction Recovery for Women
  • H. Wilson in Fort McMurray, Donations to Colleagues who were affected by the Fire
    • Held an Employee 50/50 & BBQ at our Calgary Office. Volker Stevin matched the money raised
    • Highways department raised funds to donate
  • Canadian Red Cross: Fort McMurray Fire
  • Be a Hero: Dreams Take Flight
  • Thumbs Up Foundation www.thethumbsupfoundation.com 
  • Mustard Seed
  • YMCA Sponsorship:  Volker Stevin High & Low Ropes Course at Camp Chief Hector


On December 23rd at approximately 6:30 p.m. I had an accident on Glenmore just before the 18th St. exit and spun out.  One of your drivers in a Volker Stevin pick-up truck pulled over to help me.  I'd like to thank him for pulling over to help and seeing me safely off Glenmore.  --LB


October, 2016:  On way home to Cochrane, I clipped a moose on Hwy 1A.  There was no other traffic and was able to steer into the other lane minimizing damage to the moose and car.  Shaken up I pulled over, called my husband and waited for him to arrive.  Just as my husband reached me, a Volker Stevin truck pulled up behind him with his lights going.  The gentleman approached, made sure I was ok.  He gave me a quick hug, then assisted my husband with checking out the car.  After ensuring my car & myself were okay, he shared some jokes to lighten my mood.   VS Employee contacted the RCMP & then ensured that we got into our cars safely.  He was kind and helpful, made a scary situation so much better.  We truly appreciate the job that he does, as I can't imagine that it is easy.  --SD


March, 2017:

The reason I'm emailing you is to compliment your snow plow drivers.  I live south of Calgary but travel all over southern Alberta and I'm always so impressed with how fast your plows are to respond when it snows and the amazing job they do.  I have lived all over Alberta and have to say Volker Stevin plows do the best job of anywhere I have lived.  Thanks for Keeping Us Safe!! --Anonymous


Just wanted to let you know whatever you're doing to keep the Henday clear keep it up . The road conditions today were unbelievably good considering how much snow we've had.. also the Northeast leg it was better than any of the other areas of the Henday --Anonymous


February, 2017: 

On days like today we often don't hear that we are doing a good job!  I just wanted to say that today I had to travel from Calgary to Hussar and back again, so I had to take Hwy 1 and 561.  I have to say that Hwy 1 was in really good condition, and when I was leaving Hussar the road crew were just starting to clear Hwy 561.  Please thank all the hard working people that were out today (away from their loved ones, in the cold), working hard to ensure our safety.  They did an amazing Job --Anonymous


I've been commuting from High River to Downtown Calgary for the past ten years and during that time there have only been two times that I have not made it to work due to poor road condition.  I find this remarkable, especially when co-workers can't make it out of their community in Calgary to get downtown.  People often ask how the roads were and did I have any troubles; my response:  Volker Stevin always keeps the highway in great shape, I never have a problem.  Thank you to all of your employees that keep Highway 2 south of Calgary safe.  Commuters appreciate you all.  --Anonymous